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Four Magic Moves Review

Several Magic Moves is really a golf playing guide that can help you see tips on how to halve your handicap and add over 27 yards to boost your game. It includes some practical tips that will help cut-off 7-12 strokes your handicap using four simple moves and stop disastrous power leaks. You’ll also understand how make perfect shots even from over thirty yards down with perfect inside-out swings. We have found an assessment of the following information that allow you to understand what the guide has in your case.


Andy Anderson prepared this informative guide to provide learners a possibility to boost their shots without getting messed up by the fact you’ll need more lessons with better clubs to produce powerful and accurate shots and swings. He has summarized all that you should do in mere four simple amazing moves that have been hidden from beginners for a long period. The strategies will assist you to tap your hidden possibility to launch breathtaking drives of stunning accuracy. The guide can help you master all of the secrets you will need at under you’d pay to play an individual round course in your town.


The guide contains over 5 hours of audio, 56 pictures and 11 chapters. It covers instruction in numerous courses including:

What to do: It explores the myths, misunderstanding and faulty theory that hinder golfers from improving their game.

Check your grip and stance to get going: It offers common mistakes by beginners that convey a heavy impost for the player with defective grip that means it is tough to make good shots.

Several moves: They cover your backswing, top, starting down and thorough the ball. Every one of the common errors are addressed with tips about how to make flawless swings.

Cooking with your New Four Magic Moves

This winning course includes a 155 page step-by-step PDF explaining several necessary moves that you’ll require in very simple language, stimulating audio of 5 hours and 56 detailed pictures and photographs.

It is possible to make reference to what exactly together with your smart phone or tune in to the special moment moves while relaxing fitness center out and about.

  • You can actually read and understand
  • You will see the way to perfect the interior-out swing naturally
  • You will find the way to note mistakes within your swing before reaching the very first tee
  • You may improve from the accuracy of one’s shots
  • You’ll play golf without apprehension or fear

When you utilize guide

The guide is ideal for use by those who are fed up with wasting precious from the range and siphoning cash without meaningful results. It has useful guidelines that you’ll bring your game to the condition without struggling. It covers four basic points which affects all things your swing.


While using New Four Magic Moves with your swing action will really boost your game. Anticipate to drop to 4-6 shots for the next rounds should you are shooting inside the 80s. It is possible to intend on dropping to a minimum of two strokes a hole if you’re shooting above 100 which can be quite good. Everything you should do is to purchase the guide and rehearse a bucket of practice balls to produce your ideal come true. So, make sure you buy the guide as well as real, you’ll unlock your hidden potential and increase your gold swing if you don’t take expensive lessons.

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